Why CBD Bioavailability Is Highest In Vaping?


Bioavailability is a term you come across when you search for a great CBD consumption method. Bioavailability is a scientific term used to define the availability of every drug and compound to body cells. It means the drugs or compounds you eat are not used entirely in the body. CBD bioavailability is the ratio of cannabidiol that your bloodstream absorbs. CBD bioavailability differs. It depends on the consumption method and potency of the chosen product.

Why CBD bioavailability is high in the vaping method?

Several factors like the number of terpenes and cannabinoid the product have, CBD concentration level, and the likelihood of entourage effect will determine the suitable CBD product. However, bioavailability is crucial consideration associated will all kinds of CBD products. The higher level of bioavailability, the less amount of CBD product is necessary to experience the wanted results.

If you consider the highest bioavailability, then the first method that comes to mind is intravenous CBD application. It delivers 100% CBD because the compound is directed injected into the blood. Unfortunately, it is not so popular because sticking needles to enjoy CBD dosage is not a fun idea. On the other hand, vaping is the next method that offers the highest bioavailability in comparison to oral forms.

You can visit Just CBD Store to look at the plethora of branded CBD products and devices available. When CBD vape pen is used to inhale the e-liquid, the compound gets introduced directly into the lungs. It means instant results as well as the highest bioavailability. In oral form, CBD breaks down via digestion before reaching the bloodstream. Users acquire little cannabidiol for use in the body cell. In vaping digestive system gets averted and the compound enters the blood and target cells via the lungs directly. Bioavailability is studied to be around 46% to 56%.

In vaping, the heating temperature can be kept as low as 160° to 180°C. Besides, the vapes produced don’t carry impurities like tar. Therefore vaping CBD is a safe consumption method than smoking.

People prefer vaping because vape pens allow customized dosing, are easy to travel with, and can be used discretely.

Bioavailability in other consumption methods

  • Oral CBD forms like edibles and capsules need to pass through the digestive system, where enzymes break it down. The study reported that oral CBD bioavailability is around 6%to 20%, which is the lowest.
  • Sublingual CBD consumption is high after vaping i.e. 12% to 35%. The CBD oil is placed under the tongue, where the compound is directly absorbed by the blood capillaries. It is less preferred as people don’t like the raw CBD oil taste in their mouths.

Besides bioavailability, your choice of the best CBD form will depend on the purpose of using CBD. For example, vaping has the highest bioavailability but is not a suitable alternative for topical effects. CBD topical are applied on the affected area directly to experience a targeting aid.

Any forms of CBD you choose ensure to opt for branded products from medical marijuana dispensaries or reputable distributors.