How to Earn Money Selling Ringtones Online (In 3 Easy Steps)


Mobile phones have become an integral part of human beings. No one can live without mobile phones. Nowadays different types of mobile phones and mobile brands are being introduced in the market. Many new brands has entered the market and buyers have plenty of choices.

Different mobile brands have different ringtones. Even some ringtones of a particular brand have a separate fan base than the brand. People began to notice the brand through ringtones. As the number of brands in the market has increased, the number of ringtones also increased. Hence the demand for ringtones has raised drastically.

Ringtone distribution for different brands has begun a mainstream business where people started to sell ringtones to different companies and from there they are being distributed to all mobile brands. Nowadays ringtone selling has become a profitable business.

Every youth those have an immense passion for music can sell your music online. Musicdigi is a worldwide music distribution online platform very you can sell your music in easy 3 steps.

Step 1- Upload your ringtone

Create an account in Musicdigi and upload your music there.

Step 2- Distributes your ringtone

Musicdigi will distribute your ringtone all over the world and find potential buyers for your music.

Step 3- Get paid

Every time your music is being sold, they will pay you online.

Is it feasible to sell ringtones?

Absolutely yes, because sales of mobile phone are rising day by day. New smartphone brands and models are being launched weekly, so you can find enough money through this if you are that much interested in music.

You can even recreate music to form ringtones, but should make ringtones according to the demands of customers and brands. Brands always have a signature brand ringtone but they wish it should be up to date with minor upgrades. So, you should keep in mind these tricks so that you can gain more profit.

Not only creating ringtones but there are also other options like put your music on iTunes. This can be also done through online platforms. These will also provide you with enough money. Get your music on Apple Music

and it can be reached to a broader audience around the world. Your creation will get much more appreciation and fame than usual.

Benefits of selling music online

  • Digital revolution

Nowadays everything is digital. Everything can be purchased and even experience online. In this situation selling your music will appeal to more buyers.

  • Wider audience

Your music will get more access from around the world in just a finger away. More people can use and listen to it.

  • Ease

It has become easier as you need not go in for searching buyers for your music and the selling process has become easier and thus getting more profit from your music.


Digitalizing in all sectors had benefits for more people. With the help of many online platforms now it has become very easy to sell ringtones online and music creators are getting much more advantage than before.