Flowers Of Mourning


Many painful situations call for flowers for grief. We can’t always help our loved ones. Whether it’s a death, a breakup, or a job loss, words aren’t adequate. Sending friends a bouquet of funeral flowers shows our love and support.

With so many possibilities, picking the right flowers for a bereaved friend is hard. Learn about the best mourning flowers and what each one means. This page covers traditional and modern mourning flowers. We’ll advise you.

Grief Flowers


The lily symbolizes purity. It’s been ages. The lily’s beauty, elegance, and pleasant smell have made it a ritual favorite around the world. Hera’s flower in mythology was the lily. According to mythology, she breastfed the lily bloom.


Calla is a Zantedeschia, not a lily, and is related to philodendron and caladium. Calla lily is a popular mourning flower with rich meaning. The Greek word ‘calla’ means ‘beauty,’ and this flower appears in many pictures of Jesus’ resurrection. Calla lilies represent rebirth in many civilizations. This flower can bring hope to a sufferer. Calla lilies come in many different colors, and each color delivers a different message.


The rose is the world’s most-loved flower. Many choices. We’ll explain the flower’s meaning. Before looking at the best roses for mourning bouquets, let’s explore what each color means.

Orange Roses

Orange flowers indicate sensuality, desire, and curiosity but also energy, enthusiasm, and motivation. This vibrant color may not be good for a grieving person. It may be beneficial for someone going through a lot of changes who needs encouragement, support, and pleasant vibes. Happy Memories and From the Heart wreaths feature orange roses, chrysanthemums, small gerberas, disbuds, camellias, and sweet William.

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses symbolize friendship and support and offer cheer. Yellow flowers are spiritual. While not conventional. Sunny flowers combined with beautiful ones make a great funeral bouquet.

Pink Roses

Pink roses represent elegance, refinement, and femininity, as well as thankfulness. They offer thanks and make great gifts for many occasions. We love pink roses because they are versatile and ageless.

White Roses

White roses are magnificent mourning flowers that express recollection, admiration, and respect. And for the troubled person. White roses are a popular funeral flower globally. White roses symbolize purity and are great for many occasions. Whether you choose white roses or a mix of roses, gerberas, and other flowers. You’ll be heard.


Carnations have long been associated with several things. Renaissance artists loved carnations. So we can admire flowers in art. In the 15th and 16th centuries, the carnation was considered an engagement flower. Red carnations signify eternity like red roses.


Chrysanthemums are sorrowful flowers with a long history and deep symbolism. These fall bloomers have different cultural and color implications. Let’s look at their meanings. Chrysanthemums symbolized friendship in Victorian times.


Gerbera daisies are popular worldwide. They last long in a vase. Native, they grow in red, pink, orange, white, and yellow. They’re popular due to their ornamental characteristics and huge blooms. The Gerbera is the fifth most popular commercial flower, so it’s everywhere.


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