Things You Need To Consider When Buying Your First Bra


It doesn’t have to be awkward. Although it can seem like a lot of changes, all that happens to your body is normal.

Although there is no age limit for bras, these situations may be the best time to start searching:

  • Your breasts begin to grow
  • When your friends begin to wear one, you will be the first to notice.
  • If you feel your boobs are starting to feel uneasy or you need more coverage,
  • You may need additional support when you are involved in sports.

Remember that your first period will usually follow closely once you have breasts. You can click here to find out how Period Wear can help you get your period.

The first bra for a girl is a milestone that both she and her parents must experience. It’s also a time of transition, even though it’s happening at younger ages. Some girls view it as a turning point that causes anxiety, while others see it as a celebration. Parents have trouble ensuring that their daughters have fond memories of their first bra shopping and wearing it.

According to ongoing research by the Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program, the average Caucasian girl enters puberty at 9.7 years. This is 4 months earlier than it was 17 years ago. Black girls are 8.8 years old, and the proportion of girls who develop breasts in the first grade is three times greater than in 1997.

There are many options.

  1. One Size Does Not Fit All.

Bras that are “one size fits all”, if your tween’s average size, maybe a good choice. You will need to measure if you are looking for plus size bra that has a cup or band size. Measure your daughter’s breasts and wrap the measuring tape around her. Add five to this number and you will get the correct size. The tape says 23 inches. The band will be 28 inches. Measure around your chest to determine the cup size. Then subtract the band size from that measurement. The cup size is determined by the difference – 0-1 inch is an A, 2 inches is B.

  1. Check The Strap Length.

It is important to check the fit of straps, especially if your tween has a small frame. Be sure to reduce the length of a traditional adjustable strap like those found on most women’s bras. It is a good idea to use elastic or stretchy straps.

  1. Consider A Lined Bra

Padding does not increase the cup size. A bra may appear to have padding. It’s usually a thin layer of foam that is used to smoothen the nipple so nothing is visible underneath the shirt. This modesty measure can also help girls feel less self-conscious.

  1. Sports Bras Are Well-Liked Options

The camisole can be either short or long and will provide some coverage, but it won’t be as obvious under a blouse. Some girls prefer to start with bras that are sporty and don’t look like traditional bras.